Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Problems That Timbren SES Kits Solve

Timbren Kits Solve the Following Suspension Problems:

Trailer Sway - Eliminate wallowing along the highway, drifting in crosswinds or when passing heavy trucks. For more driver and passenger comfort, Timbren suspension enhancement systems sense vehicle body movement and automatically increase roll stability.

Suspension Sag - Heavy loads cause the front or rear suspension to deflect lower than desired. rubber cushions help carry the heaviest loads easily. Road shock is absorbed, reducing wear and tear on suspensions. Bottoming out on bumps is eliminated.

Body Roll - If your vehicle leans on corners or curves, Timbren kits can improve weight distribution to all 4 corners of the vehicle. This helps keep the vehicle level, improves steering and reduces brake and tire wear.

Rough Ride - Rubber Bump Stops in each Timbren kit are designed to soak up road shock and bumps. The result is a smooth stable ride.

Timbren can be purchased online at http://www.crysteeltruck.com/, on Crysteel Truck Equipment's ebay store also by calling 800-795-1280 or 763-571-1902. Crysteel Truck is a Timbren distributor and can help you out with any Timbren your are looking for.

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